Welcome back, folks — and it’s good to be back!  This effort is a collaboration of Karen McKim, Wisconsin’s tireless fair elections champion and coordinator of the Wisconsin Election Integrity group (websitefacebook group), and Jake Schlachter, former computer security specialist and one of the volunteer organizers of the 2016 presidential recount. We would love for you to join us!

Our vision is to live in a state and country where we never have to wonder whether our elections are fair and whether the computers are accurately counting the votes; where we always know for sure, because people are counting the ballots by hand — at least enough to audit the results.

Our mission is to start a new civic movement in Wisconsin with people all over the state making up local teams that organize and advocate for better elections procedures and offer strong oversight to the elected and appointed officials (and the hired vendors) who run our elections on our behalf.

If that sounds like a big job — it sure is, and we’re going to need your help! Luckily, we’ve got lots of company. Our first step is calling the thousands of faithful who turned out to observe the recount in 2016 to once again show up, speak up, and act up to make sure elections are always fair — in 2020 and beyond.

If you feel like we do, that We the People need to once again be in charge of our elections, that the stakes are too high to wonder if the computers are working right, we want to be in touch with you!  Will you join us?